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1 Nov 2016

Buy Business Books Online at Kogan Page



It is rarely that you find you get access to one market place for all your business books, however proves to be just that. The one stop shop for all your  business books.


Established in 1967, Kogan Page is today the leading independent global publisher of specialist professional books and content. This is no mean achievement and has come about only because they have been going strong, true to their tagline which says ‘Innovation and Best Practice for Business Success’.

Kogan Page Business Books


It is but natural that the leading publisher of  business books should lead by example of business success through their achievements. Kogan Page offers solutions for professional practice and academic achievement in both print and digital form.


Their author base for the of the most prestigious associations.


 business books is an awe inspiring, distinguished list boasting of names from some academic institutions, international commercial organizations and professional


They deliver high level professional content to the global audience in the key subject areas: Leadership, Management, Marketing, Branding, Human Resources,  Coaching, Logistics, Supply Chain,  Entrepreneurship and Careers.


Kogan Page is a truly global organization and has their offices in London, Philadelphia and New Delhi. Apart from this they have important tie ups with agents and representatives throughout the world in order to have a global reach for their  business books.


What’s more, in order to ensure that they are truly accessible to their global customers, they even have a translation rights operation going strong with many of their  titles, especially the business books, sold in translation throughout the world including China, Korea, Japan, Brazil, the EU and the Middle East.


Apart from all this, Kogan Page has also done a good amount of work in ensuring that they also build up an ecosystem for the  business books and content publishing. They have created opportunities for authors to reach out to a global audience and they also work closely with their authors throughout the process in order to ensure success for both. Each of us would like to advance in our life and career in our chosen fields.


Apart from the readers and the authors, Kogan Page also has tie ups with a range of publishing partners, including professional associations, national newspapers and international corporations.


For those of you who want to make sure that you stay abreast of all that’s happening in these key areas,  Kogan  Page also offers a free weekly newsletter subscription and you may even get to know about their promotions and discounts through this option. They are also providing access to a wide range of free white papers and case studies again in the relevant areas that they deal with.


And if you are a corporate looking for a customized solution in HR or  organizational development Kogan Page offers you that as well. In short, Kogan Page is not just a market place of  business books that helps you out to advance in your life and career, it is a true life content partner.

Kogan Page Business Books


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